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Emotional Rehabilitation

Emotional Rehabilitation

I have always wondered why people needed some time alone to figure things out I have often blurted out,'what in heavens name do they need?' 'Are their lives really that damaged?' But soon without realizing it I also begun to feel the need to isolate myself-to have an alone time I needed a rehab  Not to see a shrink And pour out my life's pitiful miseries  To a group of people who are in desperate need of a 'savior' I just need time alone An emotional rehab 
Time to build myself up A time to make my fiber stronger To fuel and cool off  my overheating engine A time to read wide A time to polish my language A time away from people A time alone
It's not that I'm broken Far from it! I just need a little time to satisfy the urge to be better Bruised, battered and overwhelmed on every side I suddenly feel the need to go on a break....... Only to apply my brakes, As I have wheeled myself through my life-yes, my life Everyone needs …

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